Sunday, August 14, 2022

A Video Resource About How to Spot a True Friend vs. A Toxic One

Have you ever told a friend some exciting news about yourself, only to find that your 'friend' gave you no response except for a silent brush-off? Or, maybe, he or she unexpectadly went into negative mode? Did they somehow, find a way to belittle your accomplishment or minimize, what it was, that you were happy and excited about? 

In our hearts, we know, deep-down, what it is to be a good friend, as well as to have a good friend. Supportiveness and trust are key. 

On the flip-side, we may recognize someone who we deem as our friends as being oddly negative or dismissive, when it comes to supporting us and cheering us on. However, our desire in wanting to believe that someone is our true friend, may obscure the truth, if they contradict anything that resembles true love or friendship. 

We may dismiss the small, yet, obvious signs, that our so-called friend's, do not really have our best interest at heart. We may do this, because, it is easier to be in denial, than to discern and acknowledge toxic relationships. 

However, staying strong and true to ourselves is an indicator of self love, and the video posted below, is a wonderful way to be empowered in regards to tips on spotting supportive positive friendships, or toxic and untrue relationships.  

Fumi is very enlightening... and she gives a lovely and clear explanation, about what to look for when it comes to friends. ~

Also ~ If you can share your thoughts or experiences, regarding, toxic and true friends, that would be appreciated.

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When to Walk Away: Finding Freedom from Toxic People Thomas, Gary ~

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